What’s Hot In The New Normal

Posted by Tom Locke on April 29th, 2020 filed in General, History, Life

With more and more time being spent at home because of COVID-19, a number of things are thriving and have become “in” things to do.

1. Cooking. Making meals at home has made a comeback, and so has the need for kitchen supplies.

2. Organizing. We are cleaning out our closets and garages . . . finally. And these items are making us a little money on the side.

3. Video Conferencing. Software, along with related office equipment furniture are hot commodities.

4. Home Improvement. We’re fixing things up, getting things done, and  gardening – many people are growing their own fruits and vegetables.

5. Exercise Equipment.  Sales of workout wear and gear to get in shape are booming and so are bicycles.

6. Games. Pool and ping pong tables are selling out. Board games are also suddenly popular again.

7. Books. Books  are back in a big way. They provide a great means for escape and relaxation – nothing like getting lost in a great book.

8. Music. A lot of downloading going on.

9. Binge-ing. Why watch one episode when you can knock off a whole season in two days? Streaming memberships are way up.

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