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Posted by Tom Locke on February 14th, 2021 filed in Business, Education, General, Life, Travel

It’s been over 20 years since I spoke with a former business associate and friend, Dan Koch. Via ZOOM, we recently got caught up. Our conversation soon turned to his career journey(s) as chronicled in his new book, My Four Corners … Life as a Bloody Foreigner.

Dan grew up in the shadow of Rhodesia’s independence turmoil. As civil unrest grew, he made the decision to leave his homeland and start again.

His first stop was England. It was there that he uncovered an opportunity in Saudi Arabia. Subsequent to this, he was able to move his young family to Canada. It was in Vancouver where we met.

Despite a long and successful interlude in Canada, at age 50, Dan found himself at a crossroads in his life, looking for a further challenge. And he found it – in Russia.

It was his time living in Moscow that really resonated with me, from a career perspective. It was there that Dan was able to apply his leadership skills in recognizing, developing and managing talent to make a measurable difference, a difference that led to team buy-in, profitability and trust throughout his organization.

In tandem with the foregoing was the buy-in and trust of his family who played an integral role in this grand journey. This was a great read – one that makes you stop and think about your journey.

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